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Migraine Resources and Information

Hospitals that Specialize in Migraine

UCSF Headache Center

Specialists at the UCSF Headache Center diagnose and treat headaches in patients of all ages, including children and adolescents. The center is the first of its kind on the West Coast, providing comprehensive clinic and hospital care to relieve the most debilitating headaches. In addition, the center conducts research, exploring the basic mechanisms of headache and how existing and new treatments might provide relief.
Phone: (415) 353-8393 | 1701 Divisadero St., Suite 480 San Francisco, CA 94115

Stanford Headache Clinic

The Stanford Headache Clinic treats all types of headaches including migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, hypnic headaches and cluster headaches. We also offer recommendations for complementary medicine modalities, such as massage, cranio-sacralwork, stress management, biofeedback, yoga and nutritional counseling. Stanford Headache Clinic offers clinical trials of new drugs and novel treatments, as well as basic research.
New and Return Patient Coordinator (650) 723-6469 | MD Help Line (866) 742-4811
Neuroscience Clinic | Stanford Hospital & Clinics | 3rd Floor – Boswell Building | 300 Pasteur Drive | Stanford, CA 94305

Groups and Organizations Involved with Migraine

American Headache Society

Migraine Research Foundation

The Migraine Research Foundation’s goal is to end the debilitating pain of migraine. MRF raises money to fund innovative research grants to further the understanding of migraine’s causes, develop improved treatment targets, and find the cure. We also help sufferers by providing information and other resources.
All our operating costs are underwritten so every dollar raised goes to fund migraine research and support sufferers.

National Headache Foundation

The mission of the National Headache Foundation is to further awareness of headache and migraine as legitimate neurobiological diseases. We have collected the most comprehensive information on headache and migraine, which we make freely available to you. Every day, our physician finder connects patients, who have just begun to seek treatment or those who are looking for more options, to neurologists and headache specialists. is the largest and fastest growing online community dedicated specifically to migraine and headache. The site is updated regularly and features thousands of pages of original content and conversation, interactive tools, polls and expert opinions.

AMHA – American Migraine & Headache Association

The AHMA exists to EASE the burden of Migraine and other headache disorders through Education, Awareness, Support, and Engagement.

AHDA – Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy

The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy is comprised of nonprofit organizations who are vitally concerned about the health of patients with headache disorders including migraine disease, cluster headaches, chronic daily headache, new daily persistent headache, tension-type headaches. All headache disorders.
The AHDA is dedicated to advocacy efforts that can result in better treatment for all headache disorder patients.

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