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Miles for Migraine Race Photos

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Ann Whitted is a photographer who specializes in landscape and fine art photography.  Her work has been published and on display in various exhibitions around California’s Central Coast.

Ann’s formal education is in liberal arts with a primary focus on interior design and architecture.  After college she worked as an interior designer, and then as a kitchen and bath designer.  Suffering from migraines most of her adult life, Ann found her design career beginning to accelerate, while her migraines began to take hold.  As the frequency and the severity of the migraines continued to develop, they began to interfere with her work.  She was forced to give up doing what she loved.

Motivated to find an alternative, she needed something that would be flexible enough to accommodate her health and also provide an artistic outlet.  One of Ann’s design clients had seen some of her photos in her office and encouraged her to leap head first into photography.  That client was also Ann’s first sale.  Creativity and design have always been a part of Ann’s life and photography has provided the option for both, not to mention some much needed inspiration.

With much encouragement from her friends and family she began showing her work publicly, and began participating in exhibitions in early 2006.  She has worked on private commissions and print sales, stock photography, and has been expanding her portfolio ever since.  Since 2009 Ann has worked with Miles for Migraine as a volunteer photographer, providing participants photos of the event and publicity photos to the organization.  She would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helps to support this very important cause.

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