June Virtual Challenge

Thank for participating in our special Virtual Challenge in June to celebrate Migraine Awareness Month.

We’ll be back for 2018! In the meantime, considering participating in a Virtual Event

Time: Any time of day, as many days as you can from June 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017
Location: Wherever you want!
Distance: As short or as far as you feel up to!

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Why the June Virtual Challenge?

Sometimes getting out to an advocacy event feels like a chore, right? What if you could participate how you want, and when you are having an okay day?  What can you do to help change the message that migraine is more than just a headache?

We’ve created a virtual event for you to join for the month of June. When you sign up, you are showing the Headache Community and the people who care for you, that one small step makes a giant impact.

We have three goals with our Virtual Challenge in June:

  • Encourage activity and movement
  • Spread awareness about Migraine & Headache Disease
  • Fundraise for Migaine & Headache Research

You can walk, run, hike, use the treadmill, be outside or participate in another race in your town. Go at your pace, at a time that works best for you.

Fundraise, using our fundraising tools, by collecting donations for yourself or your team. After your event, if you’ve raised at least $50, we will send you a goody bag with a t-shirt.

**PRIZES** Awarded for fundraisers and most hours of logged activity (whether it’s walking, running or hiking, it doesn’t matter). See registration site for award levels.

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s easy! Head on over to our registration site and we will walk you through the steps.

At a high level:

  • Sign up for the challenge on our Registration page
  • Register with Strava to track your daily activity using their app or your personal fitness tracker device.
  • Set up your Pledge Page
  • Give a brief description of your event and explain why you are taking part
  • Start reaching out to your friends, family and co-workers to ask for their support in your event. They can join your challenge or donate to your fundraising goal.
  • Go for as many walks, runs and/or hikes as you feel able to in the month of June.
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